Title Suppressions

Journals Suppressed from 2021 JCR Data (2022 release)

Journal Impact Factor and 5-Year Impact Factors are not published for the titles listed below due to anomalous citation patterns found in the 2021 citation data. These patterns result in a significant distortion of the Journal Impact Factor and rank that does not accurately reflect the journal’s citation performance in the literature. The Journal Impact Factor provides an important and objective measure of a journal’s contribution to scholarly communication.

In the interest of fairness and accuracy for all journals, the distortion of the Journal Impact Factor by an excessive concentration of citations gives rise to the need for suppression. Clarivate will monitor these journals going forward and the titles will be included in a future release of JCR, with full metrics listed, when the anomalous patterns are resolved. Coverage of these journals in Web of Science and other Clarivate™ products is not immediately affected by suppression from the JCR. However, the titles may be subject to review to determine if they continue to meet the quality and publication standards necessary for inclusion in Web of Science Core Collection flagship indexes (Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Science Citation Index).

For more information, review our suppression policy. You can review the title suppression list for previous years.

JCR Title Full Title Type
CHINESE J ORG CHEM Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry Self
CONNECT SCI Connection Science Self
INDIAN J MICROBIOL Indian Journal of Microbiology Self


Self Citation Suppressed Titles with Key Data Points

This table lists the categories for each journal (note that each journal may be included in multiple categories), the percentage of citations in the Journal Impact Factor numerator that are self cites, and the distortion in category rank due to self cites. The distortion in category rank is based on analysis of all journals in all categories of the JCR ranked both with and without the inclusion of self cites. Here distortion equals the percentage shift in rank with self cites included versus excluded.

Full Title Category % Self Cites in JIF Numerator % Distortion of Category Rank
Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry Chemistry, Organic 35% 25%
Connection Science Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence 51% 29%
Connection Science Computer Science, Theory & Methods 51% 27%
Indian Journal of Microbiology Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology 30% 22%
Indian Journal of Microbiology Microbiology 30% 22%


For more information, see the "Journal Suppression" section in the JCR 2022 Reference guide.


Suppression Warnings

For the 2022 release, we are issuing warnings only for a new suppression type, journal self-stacking described in the JCR Reference Guide linked above.








Beginning in 2023, journal self-stacking will result in suppression.