Title Suppressions

Editorial Expression of Concern

Find the full Investigation on the editorial expression of concern for 2019 on our editorial expression of concern page.

Journals Suppressed from 2019 JCR Data (2020 release)

Metrics for the titles listed below are not published due to anomalous citation patterns found in the 2019 citation data. These patterns result in a significant distortion of the Journal Impact Factor and rank that does not accurately reflect the journal’s citation performance in the literature. The Journal Impact Factor provides an important and objective measure of a journal’s contribution to scholarly communication.

In the interest of fairness and accuracy for all journals, the distortion of the Journal Impact Factor by an excessive concentration of citations gives rise to the need for suppression. JCR staff will monitor these journals going forward and the titles will be included in a future edition of JCR when the anomalous patterns are resolved. Coverage of these journals in Web of Science and other Clarivate™ products is not immediately affected by suppression from the JCR. However, the titles may be subject to review to determine if they continue to meet the quality and publication standards necessary for inclusion in Web of Science Core Collection flagship indexes (Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Science Citation Index).

For more information, review our suppression policy. You can review the title suppression list for previous years.

JCR Title Full Title Type
ACTA CARDIOL SIN Acta Cardiologica Sinica Self
ADICCIONES Adicciones Self
AEROSOL AIR QUAL RES Aerosol and Air Quality Research Self
AGING MALE Aging Male Self
BODY IMAGE Body Image Self
BUS ETHICS Business Ethics Self
CELL CHEM TECHNOL Cellulose Chemistry and Technology Self
CNS NEUROL DISORD-DR CNS & Neurological Disorders-Drug Targets Self
CURR GENET Current Genetics Self
ENVIRON ENG MANAG J Environmental Engineering and Management Journal Self
FISH SHELLFISH IMMUN Fish & Shellfish Immunology Self
FOOD AGR IMMUNOL Food and Agricultural Immunology Self
FORENSIC SCI INT-GEN Forensic Science International-Genetics Self
GEROSCIENCE GeroScience Self
IEEE T APPL SUPERCON IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity Self
IND TEXTILA Industria Textila Self
INT J MED MUSHROOMS International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms Self
J BIOMOL STRUCT DYN Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics Self
J ENVIRON ENG GEOPH Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Self
J MED BIOCHEM Journal of Medical Biochemistry Self
MAR BIOTECHNOL Marine Biotechnology Self
MICROBES ENVIRON Microbes and Environments Self
PAK J ZOOL Pakistan Journal of Zoology Self
REJUV RES Rejuvenation Research Self
XENOTRANSPLANTATION Xenotransplantation Self

Self Citation Suppressed Titles with Key Data Points

This table lists the categories for each journal (note that each journal may be included in multiple categories), the percentage of citations in the Journal Impact Factor numerator that are self cites, and the distortion in category rank due to self cites. The distortion in category rank is based on analysis of all journals in all categories of the JCR ranked both with and without the inclusion of self cites. Here distortion equals the percentage shift in rank with self cites included versus excluded.

Full Title Category % Self Cites in JIF Numerator % Distortion of Category Rank
Acta Cardiologica Sinica Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems 60% 39%
Adicciones Substance Abuse 33% 24%
Aerosol and Air Quality Research Environmental Sciences 39% 21%
Aging Male Endocrinology & Metabolism 32% 18%
Aging Male Urology & Nephrology 32% 17%
Body Image Psychology, Clinical 50% 30%
Body Image Psychiatry 50% 26%
Business Ethics Business 52% 31%
Cellulose Chemistry and Technology Materials Science, Paper & Wood 40% 5%
CNS & Neurological Disorders-Drug Targets Pharmacology & Pharmacy 34% 26%
CNS & Neurological Disorders-Drug Targets Neurosciences 34% 28%
Current Genetics Genetics & Heredity 41% 31%
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal Environmental Sciences 61% 12%
Fish & Shellfish Immunology Immunology 42% 33%
Food and Agricultural Immunology Immunology 38% 16%
Food and Agricultural Immunology Chemistry, Applied 38% 13%
Food and Agricultural Immunology Food Science & Technology 38% 19%
Food and Agricultural Immunology Toxicology 38% 30%
Forensic Science International-Genetics Genetics & Heredity 45% 29%
GeroScience Geriatrics & Gerontology 39% 2%
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity Engineering, Electrical & Electronic 48% 23%
IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity Physics, Applied 48% 25%
Industria Textila Materials Science, Textiles 58% 20%
International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms Psychology, Clinical 53% 17%
International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms Pharmacology & Pharmacy 53% 15%
Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics Biophysics 40% 35%
Journal of Biomolecular Structure & Dynamics Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 40% 28%
Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Geochemistry & Geophysics 71% 47%
Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Engineering, Geological 71% 65%
Journal of Medical Biochemistry Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 56% 24%
Marine Biotechnology Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology 26% 16%
Marine Biotechnology Marine & Freshwater Biology 26% 2%
Microbes and Environments Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology 26% 13%
Microbes and Environments Microbiology 26% 195%
Pakistan Journal of Zoology Zoology 51% 26%
Rejuvenation Research Geriatrics & Gerontology 31% 15%
Xenotransplantation Transplantation 37% 12%
Xenotransplantation Medicine, Research & Experimental 37% 21%